My VI Nice Vacation – Video

So, last year when I won the Virgin Islands Nice video challenge a video crew filmed our whole stay! I feel super blessed to have this memory and since I got to go on this vacation because of everyone that voted, I thought it’s only right if I shared the video with everyone too. I must admit, I’ve had this video for a couple of months but had it on private on YouTube but finally decided to make it public. I am super critical about myself which is why I had it on private (I am also camera shy) but hey, it was SUCH a great and memorable experience that I just had to share!

It’s kinda long, so grab some popcorn and a drink (rum preferred) and enjoy. Also, if you’re thinking of taking a vacation soon…think VIRGIN ISLANDS and reach out to me so I can send you my personal list of musts!



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Jojo, is a Baltimore-based fashion/lifestyle blogger and founder/owner of SOLSIS & CO. a fashion and beauty brand. She’s a marketer by day, influencer by night. JoJo strives to create beautiful content that inspires her readers to live out their authentic lives, unapologetically. Follow along on her entrepreneurial journey!

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