#TMC – The books I’m reading inspired by Nipsey Hussle

Today marks the one year passing of the great Nipsey Hussle. Nip was truly an inspiration and his passing shook the world and fans to the core. In the past months, I compiled some of the books he swore by. In December I came across this interview where Lauren London said Nipsey swore by the book Power vs. Force. I knew it was going to be special so I waited to start it. When I bought Power vs. Force, I saw another book by the same author and began reading that first. The book “Letting Go” has honestly changed my mindset/perspective in more ways than I can fully express. Today, I will begin to read Power vs. Force and I am looking forward to feeling the spirit of purpose as Nip did.


    1. Letting Go, the pathway to surrender by David R. Hawkins

    1. Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins

What books are keeping you grounded during these #StayAtHome Times??? What types of books grab your attention??? Comment below or shoot me a message.


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